Our Attorneys Have 60 Years of Experience Representing Metro Atlanta Workers' Compensation & Injury Victims

When you suffer from serious injuries, your entire life can be turned upside down in a flash. In addition to dealing with the pain and psychological turmoil of an accident itself, you’re also forced to deal with the consequences of recovery. While you’re focusing on your treatment, medical bills start to pile up, your sick days rapidly disappear, and your anxiety skyrockets. What initially seemed like a horrible accident quickly becomes a traumatic and life altering event. However, with the help of our Atlanta workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys, you have the opportunity to not only prevent excessive anxiety, but also secure your future with a proper and justified settlement.

Jaret Spevak and David Rechtman have helped hundreds of people like you get the settlements they deserved. Mr. Spevak has spent the past 25 years focusing his attention on helping victims get the support and treatment they need, while Mr. Rechtman has spent 40 years fighting for his clients’ rights on their injury claims. Together they make an excellent and dynamic team to help you secure your future after a work injury, car accident, truck accident, or other injury. 

Getting Back on Track with the Help You Deserve

As an injury victim, don’t you think you’ve suffered enough? Isn’t it about time that you take back control of your life? A simple click of your mouse or a quick phone call can get you back on the road to recovery, without needless detours or bumps along the way. You deserve a guiding hand and our workers' compensation lawyers are here to give you just that. Click on our contact form to set up a free consultation, or call us at 404-355-2688 to discuss to discuss your case.

The attorneys and staff at Rechtman & Spevak believe that you deserve more than to be taken advantage of by insurance companies—isn’t it time that you believe it too? Call us today and see how our Atlanta workers' compensation attorneys can help you get the justice, compensation, and peace of mind that you rightfully deserve.