While inspecting a load on one truck, a recycling company worker was run over by another truck that began backing up before being instructed to do so.  Our client suffered multiple complex lower extremity injuries in this accident.  He was hospitalized for several weeks, and underwent numerous surgeries during his inpatient stay.

The at-fault trucking company had $1,000,000 in coverage, and no additional liability insurance was available.  Fortunately for our client, since this horrific incident occurred in course of his employment, his medical bills were, and still are, being covered by workers’ compensation.  Once we obtained the hospital records and bills, we demanded that the liability insurer immediately pay the limits of their policy.  To their credit, this insurer complied in a timely manner.

Our client has made an incredible recovery, considering what he was facing following his accident.  He is able to walk.  However, he is still very limited in what he can do, and remains under medical treatment.  His workers’ compensation claim remains open at this time. He received $1,000,000 in a liability settlement within six months of his work accident.