Georgia Workers’ Compensation Calculators

Do you know how many more weeks of workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to?  Do you know how much your impairment rating is worth? How about the present value of your future benefits?  Finally, do you have any idea how many more years the insurance company is considering regarding their future exposure in your claim?

If you were wondering about one or more of the above questions, then you have come to the right place.  The four workers’ compensation calculators below can provide the answers.

Disclaimer: The law firm of Rechtman & Spevak have made these Georgia Workers’ Compensation Calculators available for informational and educational purposes only.  The use of these calculators shall not in any way be considered to be legal advice nor serve to establish an attorney/client relationship. 

Workers' Compensation Calculators
Number of Weeks Calculator
Enter the start and end date to calculate the total number of weeks. You can also enter a start date and number of weeks to calculate an end date.
Permament Partial Disability (PPD) Calculator
Enter information below to calculate total benefit amount and number of benefit weeks.
Present Value Calculator
Enter the weekly payment amount, total number of weeks, and interest rate (eg "2" = 2%) to calculate the present value.
Life Expectancy Calculator
Life expectancy calculations are based on the CDC’s National Vital Statistics Report Vol 67, No 7 (Table 1. Life table for total population: United States, 2015).