Did you know that an injured worker is entitled to reimbursement for their mileage when traveling to and from medical appointments?  This reimbursement also applies to physical therapy appointments, as well as travel to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions.

Here are some things you need to know about your right to reimbursement for travel expenses:

  • Mileage is reimbursed at 40 cents per mile.
  • If you have to pay to park at a medical facility, this cost is reimbursable.  Make sure you provide the insurer with a copy of the receipt.
  • Travel expenses beyond the employee’s home city include the actual cost of meals and lodging.
  • Travel expenses also include the actual cost of meals (up to $30 per day) when the total time of the trip to obtain outpatient treatment is over 4 hours.
  • Reimbursement for mileage is required to be paid within 15 days from the date the request is received by the employer or insurer.

This Request for Mileage Reimbursement form can be used to keep track of your travel to and from your doctor’s appointments.  After you complete the form, send it to the adjuster with any necessary supporting documentation (such as receipts for parking or meals).  You should receive reimbursement for these travel expenses within 15 days of when the adjuster received your request.

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