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What Our Personal Injury Attorneys Want You to Know About Medical Payments Coverage

You could suffer life-altering injuries in an Atlanta motor vehicle accident caused by a negligent driver. It can be stressful to try to pay for the expensive medical treatments you need for proper recovery. Personal injury medical payment coverage, commonly known as MedPay, is an optional insurance coverage in Georgia that can help you pay your medical bills. The experienced personal injury lawyers at Rechtman & Spevak can help you pursue the compensation you deserve if you have MedPay coverage.

Understanding Personal Injury Medical Payment Coverage in Georgia

After a motor vehicle accident in Atlanta, the resulting injuries can be devastating. The financial strain compounds problems if you have mounting medical bills and no wages to pay them while off work recovering. 

However, MedPay coverage is optional insurance you can purchase alongside your auto insurance policy. This additional policy is designed to assist with medical costs for injuries caused by a motor vehicle crash, regardless of who the at-fault party is.

GA Code § 33-34-2 stipulates that if you have this coverage, the insurance company agrees to reimburse the insured individual and others for medical expenses and funeral expenses incurred for injuries or death caused in a motor vehicle accident. 

Our skilled personal injury lawyers are ready to protect your rights and seek all avenues of compensation you’re entitled to under Georgia law, including MedPay coverage.

When MedPay Coverage Could Help You After an Atlanta Motor Vehicle Accident 

In Georgia, the negligent driver who caused your collision is responsible for paying the full value of your claim, which includes the payment of your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Unfortunately, the at-fault motorist may not have the financial means to fully compensate you. So if you added MedPay coverage to your insurance policy, it can be invaluable in the following circumstances:

  • The negligent driver doesn’t have insurance. Even though Georgia law requires it, sometimes people simply don’t have it. If this happens in your case, MedPay can cover your medical bills.
  • The at-fault motorist has insufficient insurance. The carrier is only responsible for compensating you up to their insured's liability insurance limit. MedPay can fill the gap.
  • The insurance company is disputing liability. Even if the evidence proves the other driver’s negligence, their insurance company could claim you were partially at fault or that your injuries are less severe than they really are. While liability is disputed, MedPay can ensure your medical bills are paid on time.
  • Your health insurance coverage covers part of your medical expenses. MedPay can also supplement your health insurance coverage. It reimburses for deductibles, co-pays, and other expenses not covered by your health insurance, while your skilled personal injury attorney fights with the at-fault driver’s insurer for the maximum financial recovery you’re entitled to in your settlement.

What MedPay Covers in Georgia

MedPay coverage can be utilized if you suffer injuries in a car accident, truck collision, or motorcycle crash. You would also have coverage in a pedestrian or bicycle accident.

It applies to medical expenses for you as well as your passengers, but it typically doesn’t cover the driver of another vehicle. Importantly, you can still be eligible for MedPay coverage even if you were the negligent motorist.

Personal injury medical payment coverage reimburses you for your medical expenses. If a loved one was killed in the crash, this policy could cover their medical expenses before their death that were caused by the collision and their reasonable funeral expenses.

Filing a Claim for Personal Injury Medical Payments After an Atlanta Motor Vehicle Accident Can Be Complicated 

Filing a first-party insurance claim with your insurance company for MedPay coverage can be complex. The carrier might dispute its liability to pay you or the reasonableness of your medical treatments. 

One of your first steps should be to hire a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer at Rechtman & Spevak who can file your claim and negotiate your settlement. Our Atlanta personal injury team will aggressively fight with insurers to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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