Semi-Truck and Car Collision AftermathIt's difficult to know what to do immediately after a Georgia truck accident. Who can you trust? What can you do to make sure that your rights are protected?

Understandably, you want to know if you will be okay and if life will return to the way it was before the accident.

Here, our experienced Georgia truck accident lawyers provide some important tips about what to do after a truck crash so that you can move forward.

Five Things to Do After a Georgia Truck Crash

When you've been involved in a Georgia truck crash, there are specific steps that you should take to ensure your rights and interests are protected. Specifically, we encourage you to:

  • Call the police. It's essential to call the police if you are physically able to make the call. The police will help secure the accident scene, help you get the first aid you need, investigate the crash, and file a report. The police report may contain important information for future insurance claims or lawsuits. 
  • Gather evidence. Be sure to document the scene through photographs or videos and take notes on details such as the weather and road conditions. If possible, speak to any witnesses and obtain contact information for them. Additionally, you should collect the truck driver's insurance and employer information.
  • Seek medical attention. Don't wait to seek medical attention following a Georgia truck crash, even if you don't have any immediate symptoms. In some cases, injuries may not be immediately obvious or appear days after the accident has occurred. Seeing a doctor right away can help ensure you get the treatment you need.
  • Document your losses and expenses. To receive the most compensation for any Georgia truck crash, you must be able to prove the extent of your damages or losses. This means documenting all expenses related to the accident, such as medical bills, car repairs, lost wages from time taken off work, pain, suffering, and other losses.
  • Contact an experienced Georgia truck accident lawyer. An experienced truck accident lawyer can provide guidance on multiple aspects of filing a claim, from gathering evidence and forming a case to negotiating with insurance companies or going to court if necessary.

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