Gavel and Clock for a Personal Injury CaseAs a rule, you have two years from the date of a semi-truck accident to file a lawsuit to claim damages from the other drivers involved. The two-year statute of limitations refers to the time to file a court case, not the time you have to start negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company.

This two-year rule is fixed. If you don’t start a lawsuit within that time, the statute of limitations will expire. At that point, the defense can make a motion to the court asking that your lawsuit be dismissed for delay. The court will likely grant the motion, which means the case is dismissed and you will lose your chance to recover any damages for your injuries and other losses permanently.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until the Statute of Limitation Is About to Expire

There are good reasons to contact a Georgia personal injury lawyer  as soon as possible to discuss your injuries and a potential claim for damages.

It is easier to gather evidence about the semi-truck accident shortly after the event. The police report will not vary over time. However, if you want to get information from witnesses, their memories of the events may fade with time. It may be more difficult to locate them the longer you delay starting your claim for damages.

There is no advantage to waiting before starting your claim for compensation for your injuries and other expenses. You don’t need to wait until you know the full extent of your injuries following a semi-truck accident before you can start working with a personal injury lawyer on your case. The best course of action is to start the claim well before the statute of limitations in Georgia runs out so that you don’t lose out on your chance to receive compensation.

Hire a Skilled and Experienced Georgia Personal Injury Attorney

Your Georgia personal injury attorney's level of skill and experience can significantly affect the amount of damages you will be able to recover following an accident. They know the right questions to ask to help determine the complete scope of your injuries and the likelihood that you will have a full recovery. An experienced GA personal injury attorney will also consider whether your family members have to take on extra responsibilities in the home after the accident and whether these people have possible claims as well. Your lawyer will also negotiate with the other party's insurance company to get you the most for your claim. 

The helpful personal injury lawyers at Rechtman & Spevak have the experience to assist people injured in accidents through someone else's negligence. Our skilled legal team will answer your questions to explain how the system works and your right to claim compensation for your injuries and other losses. Contact our Atlanta law office today at 404-355-2688 to schedule an appointment for a free initial case consultation.


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