Hi. I’m attorney David Rechtman. You’ve been injured on the job. Maybe workers’ compensation is sending you to a company doctor. Maybe they are even paying you small checks. Is that all you are supposed to be getting? In other words, what benefits are you entitled to when you suffer a work injury? First, you are entitled to adequate medical care for your injuries including needed surgeries, medical tests, and prescription medication. If you think workers’ compensation is delaying or denying your medical benefits, call Rechtman & Spevak for a free consultation.

Workers’ compensation medical benefits include travel reimbursement for driving to and from your doctors. Medical benefits may also include your right to see a second opinion doctor — a doctor of your own choosing for an examination.

As to those weekly checks, do you know if you are getting the right amount? The workers’ compensation system is required to pay you two-thirds of your weekly salary before taxes, usually up to a maximum. There are a lot of technical rules about the proper size of your workers’ compensation check. It’s often complicated to calculate the correct amount. If you have any questions about your workers’ compensation checks, or about the entire workers’ compensation process, call Rechtman & Spevak for a free consultation. 

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