Even more than the question, “How much is my case going to cost?” I get the question, “How much is my case worth?” It’s very difficult at the initial consultation the first time I’m meeting with the client to know exactly what that number is or even what that range is. Someone has usually just been injured, if it’s an auto accident, and we don’t know how much they’ve been injured or how much treatment is going to be required. Probably the biggest driver in any automobile injury recovery is the amount of medical treatment required to make you better. A lot depends on your medical bills and how much you go to the doctor, but there are other factors. Have you lost time from work? A big factor is your pain and suffering. It’s very difficult to put a dollar value on pain and suffering, but there is an estimate made by both the insurance company and by us as to what a reasonable jury would find in your particular case. At the end of the day, we’ve got medical, we’ve got lost wages, and we’ve got pain and suffering; and those are the three major factors in your personal injury settlement.

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