Posted on Oct 17, 2014

Ghost bike memorials placed at Georgia crash sites where cyclists have lost their lives serve as reminders of the importance of motorists sharing the roadway with cyclists, motorcycle riders, pedestrians and other motor vehicles. One such ghost bike was placed along Jimmy DeLoach Parkway in Georgia, in memory of Predrag Lakic, who was killed in a tragic hit-and-run accident while riding his bicycle along the GA highway last month. If you have lost a loved one in a fatal bicycle accident in Georgia, contact our knowledgeable attorneys today for legal help. You may have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the person found at-fault in the accident, in order to pursue financial compensation for your losses.

Promoting Safety on GA Roadways

The goal of placing ghost bikes at fatal bicycle accident sites is to raise awareness about safety on Georgia roadways, and the concept has been popping up across the country, supported by organizations from New York all the way to California. “Bicycling will only continue to grow in Georgia, both as a healthy recreational activity and as a sensible, enjoyable means of transportation,” says Brent Buice, executive director of Georgia Bikes!. “To ensure that all of Georgia’s road users can return home to friends and family safely, we must respect each other’s right to our public roads, obey the law, be attentive, and work together to build safe facilities for all.”

Preventing Bicycle Accidents in Georgia

Despite efforts to reduce the risk of cycling accidents in Georgia, which included a comprehensive law passed in 2011 that, among other things, required motorists to leave at least three feet of space when passing a bicycle on GA roadways, bicycle accidents continue to be a major problem throughout the state. In Georgia, cycling accident deaths were up 28% in 2012 from the previous year, and pedestrian accident fatalities also increased from 124 in 2011 to 168 in 2012. These increases were seen throughout the state, despite the fact that traffic accident fatalities in Georgia continued to decline overall.

Our Cycling Accident Attorneys Can Help

Cyclists are extremely vulnerable when involved in a collision with a passenger car or truck, and a great number of cyclists involved in wrecks with motor vehicles suffer serious or fatal injuries. Because bicycles are considered vehicles under Georgia law, cyclists are required to obey all traffic laws, including stopping at red lights and stop signs, and signaling to turn. Unfortunately, even cyclists who obey the traffic laws may be at risk for serious or deadly bicycle accident injuries in Georgia when motorists fail to practice reasonable caution behind the wheel. If you have been injured in a cycling accident in Atlanta, Marietta, or elsewhere in Georgia, consult our bicycle accident lawyers at Rechtman & Spevak today to discuss your legal options.

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