Posted on Aug 28, 2014

A man from Warner Robins, Georgia died this week after rear-ending a disabled tractor-trailer stopped on Interstate-75, south of Hartley Bridge Road in south Bibb County. No one else suffered injuries in the Georgia trucking accident, which witnesses say could have easily turned into a deadly pileup on the busy highway. If you have suffered injuries in a Georgia trucking accident, or if you lost a loved one in a fatal wreck in GA, contact our knowledgeable attorneys at Rechtman & Spevak for legal help. You may have grounds to file a personal injury or wrongful death suit against the person found at-fault in the accident, in order to pursue financial compensation for your losses.

Passenger Car Rear-Ended Disabled Truck

According to Georgia police, the fatal trucking accident took place just before 10 a.m. on August 27, as 66-year-old Linwood Gantt Jr. was traveling north on I-75. Gantt apparently failed to recognize that the semi-truck, owned by Nestle, was disabled, unmoving in the northbound lanes of the highway, and rear-ended the 18-wheeler. “Apparently the Nestle truck hit part of another truck that was lying in the interstate,” said Brandon Thompson, a witness who was driving behind Gantt when the accident took place. “I don’t know if the hazard lights were on, but I didn’t see any lights on. To me, I just noticed [the truck] wasn’t moving so I slowed down. You could tell at the last minute this truck is not moving.”

Truck Accident Victim Pronounced Dead at Hospital

Firefighters had to extricate Gantt from his vehicle, at which point they proceeded to perform CPR on the unconscious car accident victim. Unfortunately, Gantt did not survive his injuries, and was pronounced dead at The Medical Center of Central Georgia at 10:40 a.m. that same morning. According to a news release issued by the sheriff’s office, the Nestle tractor-trailer, driven by a Florida man, suffered a mechanical failure that brought the truck to a halt in the middle of the interstate. Gantt, who is retired, was reportedly on his way to Forsyth to repair the air conditioning at his church when the fatal trucking accident took place.

Our Trucking Accident Attorneys Can Help

If you have been injured in a trucking accident in Atlanta, Marietta, or elsewhere in Georgia, consult our truck accident lawyers at Rechtman & Spevak today to discuss your legal options. Our law firm is located in Atlanta, and our attorneys have years of experience protecting the rights of truck accident victims and their families throughout the state of Georgia.

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