What should I do if I'm arrested for a crime?

Being arrested for a crime can be frightening, confusing, and even traumatizing—especially if it's your first serious interaction with law enforcement. What you do during and after an arrest plays a major role in determining what comes next. Protecting and asserting your rights from the beginning is essential. Here's what you can do and how a skilled Georgia defense attorney can help.

What to do if arrested in GeorgiaIf you're under arrest, stay calm and go with the arresting officer, even if you aren't guilty of the crime you're being arrested for. Take care to avoid doing anything that could be construed as obstructing or hindering the officer, as this could result in charges of resisting arrest.

However, while you should never resist an officer, you should absolutely resist the urge to explain yourself or the situation to them, as anything and everything you tell them can be used against you in court.

You've probably heard the Miranda warning—which apprises arrestees of their rights to remain silent and have an attorney—countless times on television in police procedural dramas. This isn't just a tactic writers use to make episodes more interesting; they're real rights that you should assert the second you're placed under arrest.

You also have the right to a local phone call, which should be to an attorney or someone who can help you secure the defense representation you need. However, be careful not to share the details of your case with anyone other than your lawyer.

Keep in mind that being arrested doesn't necessarily mean you'll be charged with a crime. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible allows them to contact the prosecutor with mitigating information in the hopes of having any potential charges reduced or dismissed, or getting you approved for a pretrial intervention program.

Additionally, if you secure a defense attorney immediately after your arrest, they'll be able to represent you during your first appearance hearing. This is vital, as numerous crucial decisions are made at this time, including whether there will be bond and, if so, the amount and terms of release.

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