remote worker and eligibility for workers' comp benefitsAs the number of people working remotely rises, so does the number of people injured while doing so. Many employees in Georgia question whether the state's workers' comp system will provide benefits for a work injury that they sustained off-site.

Unfortunately, there's no easy answer to that question, as it depends heavily on the facts of your particular case. Here's what you need to know.

Remote workers are covered by Georgia's workers' compensation law. In fact, the same rules apply to employees regardless of whether they work in the office or at a remote location, which means that:

  • The injury must occur during your work-related activities. If you sustained the injury while carrying out the duties of your job, it should be covered. However, if you were hurt while doing something unrelated to work, the injury likely won't qualify you for benefits, even if it happened during your scheduled work hours.
  • The injury might not be covered if it happened on your lunch break. Injuries that occur during an employee's official or scheduled breaks aren't covered by Georgia workers' compensation.
  • The injury might be covered if it occurred while entering or leaving the remote workplace. Also known as ingress and egress, employees in The Peach State are covered by workers' comp.

Those aren't the only issues you'll have to consider. Your job duties and the severity of your condition also play an important role in determining which workers' compensation benefits you could receive. For example, if your injuries restrict you to light-duty work, but the work you're performing remotely is already light-duty tasks, you may not be entitled to income benefits, as you'll be able to continue working.

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