With a fatality rate roughly 15 times the national average, roofing is among the most dangerous occupations you can have in the United States. In addition to the risk for serious slip, trip, or fall incidents, roofers also face hazards such as electrocution from overhead power lines, tar-related burns, heat injuries, and toxic Roofer Working on the Roofasphalt fumes.

After an on-the-job accident, roofers can find themselves severely injured, unable to work, and struggling to keep up with mounting medical debt and other expenses. Sound familiar?

If you were hurt at your Georgia roofing job, you may be entitled to workers' compensation medical, rehabilitation, and income benefits—if the company you work for classifies you as an employee. In most cases, workers' compensation benefits aren't available to roofers classified as independent contractors.

Potential Third-Party Claims

For roofing business employees who were injured on the job as a result of their own negligence, or the negligence of their employers or coworkers, workers' compensation is the only available legal remedy. However, roofers who were hurt due to the negligence of an independent contractor or someone from another company may have grounds for a personal injury claim.

Unlike workers' compensation cases, which restrict you to medical, rehabilitation, and income replacement benefits, plaintiffs in personal injury cases can seek compensation for a much wider range of damages, including physical pain and suffering and emotional distress. Our exceptional Atlanta personal injury lawyers can help you explore your legal rights and options.

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