How to get workers' comp for fall injuries in GAIf you were injured after falling from a height in the workplace, you are not alone. Falls from one level to another are a leading cause of on-the-job accidents, injuries, and deaths, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Fortunately, if a work-related fall to a lower level leaves you in need of medical attention and unable to work while you recover, Georgia workers' compensation benefits can help.

After an on-the-job fall, workers' comp will cover all reasonable and necessary medical care associated with your accident, including emergency treatment, doctors' visits, diagnostic tests, hospitalizations, surgical procedures, prescription drugs, physical therapy, prosthetics, assistive devices, and more. You can see a doctor from the list provided by your employer or doctor of your own choosing if your employer does not have properly posted panel.

You can also collect wage replacement benefits while you're out of work recovering from your injuries, or partial wage replacement benefits if your condition forces you into a lower-paying position.

If you have a permanent impairment, you may be entitled to a scheduled loss of use award, which allows you to collect benefits for a specified number of weeks, depending on the affected part of the body.  These benefits are known as permanent partial disability benefits (PPD).

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