At the beginning of a workers' compensation case we often have the situation where someone hasn't received immediate medical care. We often witness two types of situations 1) the employee hasn't received medical treatment for a number of reasons or 2) the insurance company and / or the employer are preventing the employee from getting medical care. Let's talk about each of these situations. If you haven't sought medical care and now you realize you have been hurt, go to the doctor or hospital and get medical care. Don't worry about how long it’s been, if you need care go get care. The insurance companies don't think you’re hurt unless you have chosen to get care. If the employer or insurer is preventing you from getting medical care in a workers' compensation situation, keep trying and go to your supervisor. Tell your supervisor that you want care, not just that you have been hurt but that you want to go to the doctor or hospital. Even if they don't send you, try to get medical care yourself. It is important to seek care. If you have any questions about your work injury please call Rechtman & Spevak at 404-355-2688 to discuss your individual situation.