What to do when offered light duty work while on workers' compAfter a job-related injury, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits, including temporary total disability (TTD) payments if you're completely unable to work for a period of time. However, your employer and its workers' comp insurer will likely want you to return to work as soon as possible so that it can stop paying you these benefits.

To that end, your employer may offer a light duty position that allows you to work within the limitations set by the doctor who's treating your injuries.

Georgia law requires your employer to draft a written description of this new light duty job, and send it to your doctor for approval. Sometimes, even when a physician approves your return to light duty, you may not feel ready or able to go back to work. How you handle this situation can have a lasting impact on your ability to continue to collect TTD benefits.

Generally, it's best to at least attempt the offered light duty position. If you refuse to even try, your employer may fire you or claim you voluntarily abandoned your position, which could cause your TTD payments to stop. That's the last thing you want—which is why it's essential to contact an experienced Georgia workers' compensation attorney if you feel you're being sent back to work before you're physically ready.

A workers' comp lawyer can help you understand your rights, including how to get TTD benefits reinstated if you try the light duty position, but are unable to continue performing the job.

Consult a Skilled Georgia Attorney About Your Workers' Comp Claim

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