When you hire an attorney to represent you in a personal injury matter, you can count on them to handle both the major and day-to-day aspects of your case. However, there are a number of essential things you can—and should—do to help your lawyer build a strong claim for damages.

Help Start Your Case Off on the Right Foot

You can help by providing your attorney with as much information as possible about the accident, your injuries, and how they've affected your life. Be honest and thorough, but don't embellish or exaggerate. Sign authorizations giving your attorney access to your medical records and other vital documents. Discuss and sign a contingency fee agreement; this Attorney Meeting With a Clientallows your lawyer to take their fee out of the money they recover for you, rather than requiring you to pay for legal services upfront.

Talk about your goals for the case with your attorney and work on a strategy. The attorney will send a demand letter to the potentially liable parties and their insurers, and you'll work with them to decide the next step based on the response received. Your demand could be accepted, the other side could make a counter offer, or you could instruct your attorney to make another demand.

When and if your lawyer files a lawsuit on your behalf, you'll be expected to participate in the discovery process, a six-month period where both sides answer detailed questions about the case. In-person, under-oath questioning sessions known as depositions are also generally held during this period. You'll need to work with your attorney to prepare for your deposition to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Other things you can do to help your injury attorney include responding to communications in a timely manner, attending all medical appointments, and following your prescribed treatment plan.

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