The parents of a 17-year-old Georgia high school student killed in a 2013 car accident have filed two separate lawsuits against the teenage driver involved in the deadly collision, and her father. The lawsuits were filed by Harold and Beverlyn Finney in Bibb County State Court on January 9, one day before the two-year anniversary of their teen daughter’s tragic car accident death. If you have been injured in a serious car accident in Atlanta, Marietta, or elsewhere in GA, consult our reputable lawyers at Rechtman & Spevak to discuss your legal options. Our law firm is located in Atlanta, and our attorneys have years of experience protecting the rights of car accident victims and their families throughout Georgia.

Teen Driver Accused of Negligence in Suit

According to reports, the fatal Georgia car accident took place just before 7 a.m. on January 10, 2013, as Nashandra Harriet Finney was riding to school with her father. Police indicate that Harold Finney’s 1992 Mazda Protégé and a Toyota 4-Runner driven by then-17-year-old Kathryn Claire Patton, collided on Forsyth Road near Tucker Road, as Finney was heading toward downtown Macon. Both lawsuits filed by the Finney family – one alleging wrongful death and the other seeking damages for Harold Finney’s injuries – claim that Kathryn Patton was negligent in failing to obey state driving laws, to yield the right of way, and to keep a “proper lookout” while behind the wheel.

Compensation for Medical Bills, Pain and Suffering

Harold Finney suffered fractured ribs in the Georgia car accident, and his legs were also crushed in the collision. As a result, the Finney family is seeking compensation in their personal injury lawsuit for Harold’s medical bills and other expenses, which have reportedly totaled more than $375,000, and for future damages arising from his pain and suffering. The personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits brought against Kathryn Claire Patton and her father, James Burgess Patton, by the Finney family allege that James Patton, a former Macon City councilman, is liable in the accident because he allowed his teenage daughter to drive the 4-Runner, which he owned or controlled.

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If you have suffered injuries in a Georgia car accident, or if you lost a loved one in a fatal wreck allegedly caused by the negligence of another driver, contact our knowledgeable car accident attorneys at Rechtman & Spevak today for legal help. You may have grounds to file a personal injury or wrongful death suit against the person found at-fault in the accident, in order to pursue financial compensation for your losses.


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