I’m David Rechtman. I’m an attorney. I work in the injury litigation area. I’m from the South. I was born in Alabama, and lived there until about sixth grade. Then I moved to Atlanta, and have lived in Atlanta (except for going away to school) my whole life. I like to play golf. I’m not very good at it; I used to say that I’m the world’s worst golfer. I also play cards and like to listen to music.

My favorite thing in this work that I have chosen is the day that I meet with a new client and hear their story and hear all the details of their case and what kind of effect their case had on their family and for me to figure out (it’s like a puzzle) what I can do to help them. Everyone is a little different; some of them are a lot different.  But that’s the most rewarding part of the case.

David B. Rechtman
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Atlanta Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation Attorney