Life is messy. When you make a mistake or are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could be on the wrong side of the law and facing criminal charges. Regardless of the charge, the situation is serious. If convicted, the penalties may include fines, probation, jail time, or the loss of other privileges.

That's not all. Convictions for criminal charges can have wide-ranging negative effects on your life, even after you've paid your fine, completed your probation, or served your jail time. Depending on the charge, a conviction could make it difficult—or even impossible—to obtain car insurance, find employment, or qualify for federal student aid or federal housing programs.

Fortunately, the outcome of your criminal case isn't a forgone conclusion. You're entitled to a strong defense. The experienced attorneys with Rechtman & Spevak can investigate your case and mount the aggressive and skillful criminal defense you need to protect your rights and your future. Here's what you need to know if you've been charged with a crime in Georgia.

Criminal Cases We Handle 

At Rechtman & Spevak, our accomplished legal team accepts a broad range of criminal cases. We provide a robust defense for people charged with the following types of crimes.

Traffic Violations 

Traffic violations are crimes in Georgia and, as a result, carry stiff penalties upon conviction. Don't risk the loss of your license or liberty. Our attorneys can defend you against charges including, but not limited to:

  • DUI
  • Speeding, including drivers charged under Georgia's Super Speeder Law
  • Following too closely
  • Stop sign violations
  • Failure to yield
  • Texting while driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Child restraint violations
  • Possessing an open alcoholic beverage container while driving

Drug Offenses 

We defend clients facing drug charges, with a focus on drug possession cases involving less than an ounce of marijuana. Our attorneys can also help if you received a ticket for possessing marijuana in Atlanta, where the drug has been decriminalized but remains illegal. 

Drug-related convictions can impact your eligibility for many federal programs. Fortunately, we put our knowledge of special statutes to work for you, which may prevent a drug conviction from appearing on your record or in a background check.


A conviction for theft is a black spot on your record that can make it difficult to find employment.  At Rechtman & Spevak, we'll defend you, advocate for your best interests, and help you take advantage of pre-trial intervention programs that could potentially get your charges dropped. We take cases involving:

  • Shoplifting of items up to $500 in value
  • Theft by taking
  • Theft by conversion 
  • Theft by deception
  • Theft of lost or mislaid property
  • Theft of services

Assault, Battery, and Family Violence

Violent offenses are the last thing you want on your record. Let us defend you against the following charges:

  • Battery
  • Simple battery
  • Assault
  • Simple assault 
  • Stalking
  • Criminal trespassing
  • Harassing phone calls
  • Criminal damage to property

Many of the above offenses can also be charged under Georgia's Family Violence Act if they occurred:

  • Between past or present spouses
  • People who share a child
  • Parents and children
  • Stepparents and stepchildren
  • Foster parents and foster children
  • Other current or former household members

Domestic violence-related crimes are particularly serious and, upon conviction, could impact your rights to gun ownership. 

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Your Case 

When you've been charged with a crime, it may feel like everyone in the criminal justice system is working against you. Unfortunately, that isn't just paranoia. Most of the people you'll encounter are diligently working to convict you. That's why you desperately need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney with the experience to advocate for you. They're the only person in the courtroom who has your best interests in mind. 

A skilled attorney will:

  • Investigate the facts of the case. 
  • Gather and review important evidence.
  • Question the way your arrest was made or challenge the chain of custody for evidence. 
  • Explore pre-trial diversionary programs that could reduce your charges or keep convictions off your record. 

Exceptional Defense for Georgia Criminal Cases 

Put your future in the hands of an experienced attorney. At Rechtman & Spevak, our lead criminal defense attorney, Dantel D. Ruiz, boasts a long track record of successful cases, having served as the lead attorney for the biggest criminal defense firm in Georgia, where she handled countless jury trials, bench trials, and motions. Let her and the rest of our legal team put their considerable experience to work for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to find out how we can assist with your defense.