Posted on Oct 27, 2014

Not only are disabled workers in Georgia struggling physically and financially on a daily basis, but many of them are also trying to navigate the Social Security Disability (SSDI) system on their own, seeking financial assistance to make up for their inability to work. According to claimants who have dealt with the system in the past, pursuing disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be laborious and frustrating, and it often requires the help of a qualified Social Security disability attorney. If you believe you may be entitled to benefits for a physical or mental disability that prevents you from returning to work, contact our reputable SSDI lawyers at Rechtman & Spevak today to discuss your legal options.

Backlogs at Social Security Office

Applying for SSDI benefits alone can be complicated and time-consuming, but the appeals process is even more discouraging. In a recent article published online by The Washington Post, the author details the weaknesses of the Social Security Disability system, namely how backlogged the office is that handles SSDI appeals, and how likely it is that the office will remain backlogged for years to come. According to the article, there are currently 990,399 SSDI claimants waiting for a decision from the SSA regarding their disability benefits, a number that surpasses even the infamous backups at the patent office, where 606,000 applications are currently pending, and at Veterans Affairs, where 526,000 people are waiting in line.

SSDI Decisions Can Take Months, Years

The Social Security disability system is so swamped today, that it can take months or even years for claimants to hear a decision regarding their benefits, and some claimants going through the appeals process don’t even make it to their hearing. According to Carol Pennock, a Social Security judge based in Miami, “I had two claimants on my docket this past month…they died. They died. Waiting for a hearing.” In some cases, even the death of a claimant doesn’t speed up the process. Pennock says that one of the two claimants had a child who might be eligible to receive her disability benefits post-mortem, which means the judge still has to hold a hearing to determine whether or not the claimant was legally disabled.

Contact Our SSDI Lawyers for Legal Help

According to the Washington Post article, there are currently 150,383 people waiting for a decision from the SSA’s Appeals Council, with an average wait time of 374 days. And, while many of these SSDI claimants are waiting for a decision from the SSA or to appeal their case before a judge, they are living without a paycheck and without the disability benefits they may be legally entitled to. The truth is, that hiring an experienced Social Security disability attorney to help you navigate the application or appeals process can significantly improve your chances of receiving the disability benefits you deserve. If you are planning to apply for disability benefits, or if your SSDI claim has been denied, consult our knowledgeable SSDI attorneys at Rechtman & Spevak for legal help.

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