workers' comp amputation benefitsYes. Because the loss of a limb is one of the most catastrophic injuries someone can suffer in the workplace. Amputation of an arm, hand, foot, leg, or other body part may not be life threatening, but it's often life changing.

While amputation injuries can happen to workers in a wide range of industries, those in manufacturing and construction—as well as those in which employees routinely operate heavy machinery—are most at risk.

Though severed limbs can sometimes be successfully reattached, and prosthetics can help victims regain some use of a lost limb, people are still likely to experience limited mobility. This impacts their ability to hold a job or complete other daily tasks.

The ongoing costs of treating an amputation injury can quickly mount, especially when the limb loss prevents someone from returning to work. Fortunately, in Georgia, workers who've lost limbs while completing job-related duties are often entitled to workers' compensation benefits, such as:

  • Coverage of past and future medical expenses related to the amputation
  • Ongoing disability payments up to two-thirds of their average weekly wage
  • Prosthetics and other necessary assistive equipment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Vocational therapy

Georgia categorizes the loss of major limbs as catastrophic by law: which means that workers who suffer such injuries will be eligible to collect workers' compensation medical and income benefits indefinitely.

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