revoking a workers' comp settlementThis is one of the most common questions workers' compensation attorneys receive. While there are many reasons why injured workers might want to revoke or get out of a settlement agreement after signing the papers, not only is that easier said than done, but it's only possible in a few specific circumstances.

Knowledge of the settlement process is vital to understanding just why revoking a workers' compensation agreement can be so difficult.

  • Once the involved parties agree to a settlement, they sign a stipulated settlement agreement, which is then sent to the State Board of Workers' Compensation (SBWC) for approval.
  • After the board approves the agreement, the settlement is final, parties are locked in, and the case can't be reopened—not even if the claimant's injuries were worse than initially realized.

However, there's a short window of time—after the stipulation settlement agreement is signed and before it's approved by the SBWC—during which it may be possible to back out of a workers' compensation settlement agreement.

For example, an insurance company may withdraw from a settlement if the claimant died before the board approved an agreement. Likewise, a claimant could potentially get out of a workers' compensation settlement agreement during this same brief window if the doctor treating his or her workplace injuries determines the need for different or additional treatment.

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