is pain management and counseling covered under workers' compIn Georgia, people injured on the job or while performing duties within the course and scope of their employment are often eligible for benefits through the state's workers' compensation system.

These benefits can include lost wage and temporary disability payments if the injury keeps the employee out of work for seven or more days, as well as coverage of reasonable and necessary medical treatments.

People hurt in the workplace often suffer from chronic pain as a result of their injuries. The National Institutes of Health defines pain as chronic if it lasts for more than 12 weeks. Depending on the severity of the injuries, this pain may be nagging, persistent, excruciating, debilitating, or even disabling. Though medications and surgeries are considered front-line treatments for chronic pain, more doctors recommend cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) counseling programs to help patients cope.  

However, even though research suggests that CBT may be more effective than opioids for relieving chronic pain—and without carrying the dangerous potential for addiction—some workers' compensation insurers may be reluctant to cover the treatment. Fortunately, an experienced workers' compensation attorney can help you fight for the care you need.

Our Skilled Workers' Comp Attorneys Can Help

If you're living with chronic pain caused by an injury you sustained at work, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits, including coverage of necessary medical treatments to help you manage the pain more effectively.

The seasoned workers' comp attorneys with Rechtman & Spevak understand that a serious on-the-job injury can be devastating to an employee and his or her family. We're here to help.

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