According to a recent report from the Social Security Administration (SSA), more than 10.1 million people received disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program in 2012, with disabled workers accounting for close to 90% of the disability awards provided. If you are struggling with a disability that prevents you from returning to work, earning an income and supporting your family, contact our SSDI attorneys at Rechtman & Spevak today for legal help. You may be entitled to disability benefits from the SSA, and our knowledgeable lawyers can help you file a claim for disability and pursue the monthly benefits you deserve.

Understanding the SSDI Program

The Social Security Disability Insurance program has been providing benefits to individuals struggling with disabilities since 1956, and in 1958, the SSA added coverage for the dependents of disabled workers. In 1967, the program was amended to also provide benefits for disabled widows and widowers, aged 50 to 64, at a reduced rate. In its latest report, the SSA noted that the number of disabled workers has steadily increased since 1990, and in December 2012, there were 8.8 million disabled workers, one million disabled adult children and 255,472 disabled widows and widowers receiving monthly benefits from the SSDI program.

In the United States, Social Security is often the primary source of income for individuals with disabilities. In fact, more than nine out of 10 American workers are covered by SSDI, and the federally-funded program provides benefits to young workers and their families if the worker should become disabled. In its research, the SSA found that workers accounted for the largest percentage of disability benefit recipients in 2012, with men accounting for the majority of those benefits, and the average age of beneficiaries being 53. According to the report, disabled beneficiaries with mental disorders made up one-third of the disability payments made in 2012, and the average monthly benefit paid out was $1,134.86.

Contact Our SSDI Attorneys Today

Individuals in Georgia who are no longer able to work because of a physical or mental disability may be entitled to monthly payments from the SSA to help cover the cost of medical bills and daily living expenses. Unfortunately, many disabled individuals aren’t receiving the benefits they deserve because they haven’t filed an SSDI claim for benefits, or because their claim has been denied by the SSA. If you have applied for SSDI benefits and your claim has been rejected, consult our Social Security Disability lawyers at Rechtman & Spevak to discuss your legal options. With our attorneys on your side, you can protect your legal rights and pursue the disability benefits you deserve.

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