I was injured on the job in 2011 from a fall which resulted in damage to my leg and possible permanent damage to my hip, which has gradually gotten worse over the past five years. I appreciate all the effort and diligent work that Mr. Rechtman and his staff have put into my case over these years. Mr. Rechtman has an extensive amount of experience in workers comp and injury cases and was able to handle my case properly every step of the way. During this time, Mr. Spevak also represented me and handled all of my disability appeal issues and made sure that my disability went through and was set up properly. My case finally settled this year in which I was awarded what I would consider a fair and reasonable settlement. I think that Mr. Rechtman and Mr. Spevak did a wonderful job with my case and I would recommend their firm to anyone who is looking for a great attorney to handle their workers comp and disability issues.

Cheryl Cohen, Atlanta, GA