man standing with 2 womenI am the mother of of a client who had a workers' comp claim that was handled by David Rechtman.  This was my experience with David.

In the wee hours of the morning I sat crushed, as I watched my daughter suffering in pain and trying to appear strong to comfort me. I was also trying to appear strong yet; I was feeling hopeless. A few days before, my daughter’s pain management doctor and I had an unspoken discussion. Very deliberately, he placed into my hands a document that he only puts into the computer file. His writing stated that he suspected my daughter had RSD-Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. My daughter and I had never heard of this illness before. He made me understand how critical it was to begin to treat this illness in its early stages. Once he explained this condition to us, I realized just how serious her injury was.

My daughter initially hired an attorney that I was not the least bit impressed with. This attorney totally dismissed our request to find out what was wrong with my daughter. It was obvious to us that his only concern was trying to settle her case. I moved to Georgia several years ago. I came from a family that had the same attorneys, doctors, and dentist their entire life. Now, all of those professionals have either retired or died. I had not made those relationships here in Georgia. My immediate family members are deceased. So, once we decided that her first lawyer wasn't going to help her get what she needed, I truly had no one to turn to. That night, I prayed asking God to please direct me to a real lawyer like I had at home. I didn’t have the words to express what we needed, but God put meaning to my inarticulate words. I went on the internet and begin to research. I came upon attorney Rechtman at Rechtman & Spevak in Atlanta, Georgia. That same night I wrote to them. Very early the next morning, they contacted us and made arrangements for us to meet him. His Personality! Attorney Rechtman has excellent people skills. Unlike a lot of lawyers I have come across over the years, he is not an elitist, and doesn't put himself on a pedestal. I am so glad they have this page so his clients can document their observations. Every time I attempt to give Attorney Rechtman a direct complement, he immediately re-directs it. He is very modest. Don’t Let His Quiet Demeanor Fool You! Attorney Rechtman is always soft spoken and courteous. It is difficult to think in the presence of a lot of noise. His environment is quiet and peaceful which allows you, when you visit his office, to relax, and quiet yourself. He is extremely detail orientated, and dependable. He has a quiet strength that expressed itself when he demonstrated that he was not intimidated or afraid to fight for what my daughter needed. By the way, he fought for the case and won over five times what my daughter had originally been offered! He Hears You! Attorney Rechtman not only hears what you say, he is very good at comprehending what you don’t say. He takes into consideration someone else’s point of view. At one point in the case, his thoughts on a particular point was different from mine. How did I know he heard me? Not only did he provide a conclusive answer to my question, it was the way he did it! What he did concluded the matter in excellence! In Conclusion: Attorney Rechtman provides exceptional representation. Thank You Attorney Rechtman. We will never forget you.

Debra Dunklin, Smyrna, GA