Fighting Racism and Racial Injustice.

As an injury and criminal defense law firm, people often come to us at the most challenging time in their lives, and it is our empathy that allows us to help. It’s our empathy that enables us to see the human, not just the legal side of matters. It is empathy that fuels our desire, ability, and willingness to care. It is that empathy that allows us to emphatically state Black Lives Matter. We stand strong in the fight against racism and racial injustice, and will use our voice as legal professionals to advocate for change.

Here are some resources we are using to learn, grow, and do our part in the fight towards equality. Please join us in our journey to learn how we can each be a part of dismantling racism and become strong allies in the fight for equality.


To Read:

The End of Policing By Alex Vitale
The Torture Letters: Reckoning with Police Violence By Lawrence Ralph
POLICE: A Full Guide By Correia & Wall
Against Police Violence By Various Writers of conscience
To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee
Stamped From the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America By Ibram Kendi
How to be an Anti-Racist By Ibram Kendi

To Watch:

Just Mercy
The Hate U Give
Fruitvale Station
Do the Right Thing
When They See Us
To Kill a Mockingbird

Websites For Further Resources:
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